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These are some features from our extensive IT Technical support company uses to better your company in their technical endeavours.


What Grey Matter Solutions can do for you !

Disaster Recovery Planning

The last thing you want as a company is a disaster causing you and your employees loss of time and work! Grey Matter Solutions will design and manage a proper disaster recovery plan for you and your business. We use a mixture of local and remote backup solutions so that you will always be able to recover from the disasters that can befall your business. We also offer daily backup monitoring to ensure that backups always occur.


We offer clients a fixed price contract, so that you can budget properly for your IT costs and maintenance. You can know exactly what you will spend each month on your IT. This support contract includes a budget for onsite hours per year and unlimited phone support. You can call us anytime with any computer related problem and we’ll help you. This is a full support contract and includes pro-active server monitoring, so we can find and fix server issues before they become problems for your business. The support contracts enable us to manage third parties, such as your web host and internet providers, so you only have to deal directly with us and we will negotiate with the third parties to ensure your computer issues are resolved promptly.


Planning for IT upgrades and to expand your business is not always easy. Allow us to guide you through the tough decisions and provide the best base for your business. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest hardware, software and security so that you don’t have to.


Server and PC monitoring can be a way to ensure that your IT investment is always running at peak performance. In most instances we will know about problems with your hardware before you do. We monitor disk space, memory usage, CPU performance and much more.


Looking for something a little more customized to suit your business ? Web based on in-house we can provide Web, App and Database development. We have developed app for small, medium and large companies in the areas of remote data capture, mapping, business intelligence and process management. Give us a call and we can help you develop the right application for your business.


We personally come and aid you in installations and technical support and future planning. Most of the time IT problems can be resolved remotely with phone and remote desktop support. However sometimes this just isn’t enough. Major issues arise or hardware fails, this is when we shine. We can be onsite resolving these as a matter of urgency.

Grey Matter Team

These brilliant minds is what makes us an innovative company separating us from the rest.

  • Robert
    Robert Director
  • Connor
    Connor IT Technician
  • Jess
    Jess It Technician
  • Leonie
    Leonie Accounts
  • Christian Sales Manager

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  • We first spoke to Robert from Grey Matter Solutions regarding the setup of a new system for our business documents. Robert was able to find an affordable solution that has improved efficiency and productivity in our business. Since then, Robert has taken over all of our IT support functions, and his team is always able to resolve any problems we have in a timely manner.

    Kerry Andrews Director | All Sorted Bookkeeping Solutions
  • We are happy to have an association with Grey Matter Solutions of Hurstville regarding any problems with hardware and software at our two retail operations. Emailing, online banking, and account administration are all vital ingredients to our operations, which need urgent attention, often remotely or by IT specialists on the job, outsourced to the excellent team at Grey Matter Solutions. Shortly, we are to venture into the recently developed “Cloud Computing” techniques to simplify our diverse accounting requirements from our operations and remove the duplication necessity of numerous entries that currently exists, thus saving valuable time that we will be able to apply instead to the other parts of our business. We have pleasure in recommending Grey Matter Solutions to businesses that need quick attention and solutions to their IT problems by a team of cooperative and courteous professionals.

    Jeff Parker Director | Tyre Pit Stop
  • Robert provided us with a fast, effective and friendly service when we moved into our new offices in Caringbah. His team were fully capable of quickly and smoothly rigging up our wireless broadband internet connection across a range of computers and also fixing up a few other bugs & errors that we were having trouble with on them. I would highly recommend Grey Matter Solutions to anybody that needed help with their IT and computing.

    Gary Nickless Managing Director | Paramount Search Marketing

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