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Arcserve is a backup software that Grey Matter Solution manages. It offers a range of features from backup locally to a hard drive / network share. It can backup servers as well as computers which is centrally managed by your server.

Grey Matter Solutions offers daily backup checks to make sure you never miss a day of backups !

Arcserve backup software offers a wide range of options to better manage your IT infrastructure in case of emergencies and disaster.


Offsite backups ?
 Offsite backup means when your server backs up it will also run a backup to the cloud all running under the same software. The point of having offsite backups is when you suffer a total disaster such as flood, fire or theft, your companies data will still be safe on the offsite location and can be restored

Using this feature is no extra ongoing cost with regards to the product itself but there is a cost for storage on the remote server and a onetime cost to get your first full data copy to the cloud.

The cost for the storage is  $50 Per month Per 1000 GB

One time transfer of first full data copy to the cloud $200


We strongly recommend you go ahead with this to better protect your business and your company data.


    $10 Monthly
    • Network and local storage backups
    • Email notifications
    • File recovery
    $50 Monthly
    • 20 Projects
    • 80 GB Storage
    • Unlimited Users
    $39 Monthly
    • 10 Projects
    • 32 GB Storage
    • Unlimited Users

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